Virtual superyacht ‘La Piuma’ arrives in the world’s first meta marina in time for Fashion Week


LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2022 /Meta Yachts, the metaverse development company that creates “luxury beyond reality” experiences, has officially launched the world’s first virtual marina at Decentraland. To mark the occasion, the company made the high-fashion superyacht “La Piuma” available for public demonstration with Forever21 wearables as a prototype, during the first Metaverse Fashion Week.

“La Piuma” is the first in a fleet of eight fully functional NFT three-dimensional superyachts, complete with meeting rooms, extended gangways, digital wearables, retail space and offices. Each Meta Yacht is, in essence, a usable property that can navigate between Metaverses, marking them as some of the most unique NFTs on the market today.

The fashion superyacht will sit in its own private berth in the Meta Marina, which itself occupies 25 virtual plots of land in the popular fashion district in Decentraland: an enviable location that positions the marina and La Piuma at the heart of the events during the highly anticipated virtual Fashion Week event.

“The Meta Yachts team has been working tirelessly over the past few months to prepare ‘La Piuma’ and the marina for a soft launch in time for Metaverse Fashion Week. It’s such a pivotal event in the “history of the Metaverse. And to have our yacht there in the world’s first Meta Marina makes it all the more exciting,” said Meta Yachts co-founder Thomas O’Nial.

“La Piuma” is emblematic of the entire Meta Yachts fleet, sporting a unique design that is as attractive as it is functional. Each Meta Yacht follows a distinct theme, ensuring there is something for everyone across all eight ships. The interior space is much bigger than it looks. Yacht owners are free to create any 3D world imaginable once on board.

“We have already had discussions with several high profile luxury brands about acquiring La Piuma. We are also in talks about the possibility of creating other bespoke designs. The demand for functional 3D yachts is evident. It’s exciting to see Meta Yachts leading the way in terms of their development,” said Raoul Milhado, co-founder of Meta Yachts.

Following the launch of the Meta Marina, the team will soft-launch “La Piuma” during the fashion week itself, hosting an open yacht event where an exclusive guest list will enjoy a first taste of the many amenities offered on board this distinguished yacht.

About Meta Yachts

Meta Yachts is the premier supplier of superyachts in the metaverse. The company has designed and built eight unique, fully functional 3D superyachts, each featuring a distinct concept. They also created the Meta Marina: the world’s first metaverse marina, which serves as its headquarters. Meta Yachts is launching at Decentraland ahead of the first Virtual Fashion Week, which begins March 24, 2022.

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