Vancouver Rental: Room on a boat for rent in town


An enterprising Vancouverite has found a creative solution to Vancouver’s high rental prices: Living on a boat.

A new Facebook market list tempts potential tenants with “don’t want to pay a fortune in rent and [are] a bit adventurous?” and offers a “magnificent 28ft Silverton Command Bridge yacht” for the low price of $200/month.

The boat, playfully named “Happy Hour”, has a kitchen equipped with a stove and microwave and a bathroom, although on a boat this is called a head. The bathroom toilet has a new pump and a separate sink with a large mirror. And the boat comes with a barbecue with individual stops on the deck. The microwave is shore powered so you need to be able to plug it into the dock.

It has a V-berth, which means the bed is located at the front (bow) of the boat, so it’s a bit like sleeping in a cozy cave, which some people enjoy. Depending on the position, it can comfortably accommodate two to three people (if that’s your jam). There’s also a large table in the living space that converts to a single day bed in case people want to split the $200 with a roommate.

For rainy days in Vancouver, the aft deck has a fully retractable cover but the foredeck is completely open.

For people who talk boat, the engine is a Twin Chrysler 318s, and “has the power to take you where you want your garden to be.”

The listing indicates that the boat is open for short or long term rentals, but mooring is not included. He estimates that docking would cost $250, which would bring your grand total for your new home to $450/month, which is still well below the Vancouver average. Plus, you can sit wherever you want (within reason).


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