Tory colleague Michelle Mone faces new questions over £ 200million PPE deal for ex-business partner


Michelle Mone, £ 5million yacht called Lady M … and new conundrum over £ 200million PPE deal for ex-business partner: Conservative peer and lingerie mogul face off to new questions

  • Tory counterpart Michelle Mone facing questions over links to the company landing more than £ 200million in PPE contracts
  • Nicknamed Baroness Bra, she previously denied “association” with PPE Medpro
  • Denials were questioned after it emerged she had named the company as a potential supplier during the pandemic

Tory colleague Michelle Mone faced new questions last night over her ties to a company which has landed more than £ 200million in government PPE contracts.

The lingerie mogul – dubbed Baroness Bra – has previously denied any “association” with PPE Medpro, which last year won lucrative deals to supply the NHS with face masks and surgical gowns.

But her denials were questioned last month after it emerged that she referred the company as a potential supplier during the pandemic.

PPE Medpro was then put on a ‘VIP’ priority lane for companies with political connections and was awarded two contracts worth a total of £ 203million.

Tory colleague Michelle Mone (pictured) faced new questions last night over her ties to a company which has landed more than £ 200million in government PPE contracts

Now, a Mail on Sunday investigation can reveal that PPE Medpro owner Anthony Page is also the director of a company that owns a luxury yacht the peer sailed around the Adriatic on last summer.

Lady Mone posted a series of photos on Instagram of herself aboard the £ 5million yacht, named Lady M, between August 3 and 29.

Records show that the yacht sailed along the Croatian coast that month.

Mr Page, 45, is a wealth management expert who works for Lady Mone’s husband, Scottish entrepreneur Doug Barrowman. Company records show Mr. Page is also a director of LM Yachts, which in May purchased the 127-foot yacht Lady Mone sailed in, changing her name from Mia Cara to Lady M.

Mr Page also attended Lady Mone and Mr Barrowman’s wedding in November 2020.

Angela Rayner, deputy head of Labor, said last night: “These new revelations underscore how important it is that Baroness Mone be fully investigated.

“She has completely denied any relationship with PPE Medpro, which got £ 200million in taxpayer money on her recommendation. Additional evidence uncovered by The Mail on Sunday mocks this denial.

PPE Medpro was incorporated in May 2020, two months after the first coronavirus lockdown. Mr. Page was appointed 100% shareholder and director.

He is also a director of Knox House Trust, which is part of a group of companies founded by Mr Barrowman, and was the general secretary of a company which manages the personal brand of Baroness Mone. He resigned from this post the same day PPE Medpro was founded.

Pictured: Anthony Page, owner of PPE Medpro, circled at Lady Mone's wedding in 2020

Pictured: Anthony Page, owner of PPE Medpro, circled at Lady Mone’s wedding in 2020

On June 12, 2020, PPE Medpro won its first contract – worth almost £ 81million – for the supply of 210million face masks. Two weeks later he landed a second £ 122million contract to supply 25million surgical gowns.

According to the Guardian, Baroness Mone’s lawyers have repeatedly denied in the past year that she has any connection or association with PPE Medpro or a role in how she secured the contracts. Her lawyers have reportedly claimed that she was “in no way linked to PPE Medpro”, adding that “any suggestion of association” would be “both inaccurate and misleading”.

But the Department of Health and Welfare revealed last month that Lady Mone had referred the company to the government as a potential supplier of PPE.

A Lady Mone spokesperson said that she “is not an investor, director or shareholder in any way associated with PPE Medpro,” adding: “She has never had a role or function in PPE Medpro, nor in the process by which contracts were awarded to EPI Medpro.

“Baroness Mone was not aware of any ‘high priority route’, and had no role or knowledge that the Medpro PPE was placed in such a route.”

When asked if Baroness Mone’s earlier denial of any connection to the company was misleading, Mr. Page replied, “No.” He added, “I am a director of a trust and a licensed and regulated business service provider. I am in the business of providing professional executive services and do so to a wide variety of businesses and clients. ‘



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