Top 4 Most Popular Vacation Picks for 2022


All over the world, people are ready to travel again for leisure. Over the past two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictive measures, traveling has not been an easy process. These days, most of the restrictive measures don’t apply, so people are eager to travel again and can’t wait to visit their favorite places.

There are four types of vacations that are in high demand and should be difficult for travelers to find in 2022 if they want to choose one.

  1. African Safaris
    Of course, a safari trip to Africa is quite expensive and you need several days to enjoy the scenery. The silver lining is that after so much time without traveling due to Covid-19 restrictions, travelers have more savings and a better mood to spend more than usual on their holidays. Tourists choose to visit East Africa from June to October.

    During this time of year, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the group migrating, while many others extend their trip on safari or gorilla trekking. If you are interested in traveling to Africa, be aware that advance booking of vacations – even more than a year from the departure date – is necessary.

  2. Visit Hawaii
    There is a high demand for summer vacations in Hawaii this summer. According to estimates from companies engaged in property rentals, most hotels in Hawaii will be fully booked and will have no vacancies. However, there are two areas, O’ahu and Hanalei, that still have free rooms for tourists.

    At the same time, as many restrictive measures due to the pandemic are no longer valid on the island, housing occupancy is expected to increase significantly, as well as prices. Visitors from the United States will not need to show their vaccination certificates or take a virus test before traveling to the island.

  3. Agritourism alternatives
    Many travelers who do not wish to travel to other countries choose destinations in their country and more particularly agrotourism accommodation. Countries like Germany, Spain, and France are considered developed in agrotourism with organized farms in the countryside. Travelers who choose this type of vacation can participate in agricultural activities, practice sports in nature, visit monasteries, archaeological sites and traditional settlements, and learn about the flora and fauna of the region. Due to the pandemic, agritourism has gained many followers as nowadays people prefer to spend their holidays in nature, away from crowded places.
  4. Private yacht charter
    Some travelers, when deciding to travel, prefer to charter a private yacht. The truth is that due to Covid-19 restrictions, yacht charters have been declining in recent years. Nowadays, according to official data, yacht rentals tend to reach pre-pandemic levels. For example, yacht rentals in Spain have already reached 80%.

    Most travelers want to spend their holidays in the Mediterranean. The global yacht charter market is valued at $26.9 billion in 2021. However, it is expected to reach $26.5 billion by 2027, with Europe being the top vacation destination, according to Mordor Intelligence.

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