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By Jan Dean

AMANDA McFarlane and Kevin Mummery remember September 18, 2021 as their perfect marriage.

The two thirty-somethings have been friends since they met in 4th year at Doverwood School.

Six years ago, they became a couple. In October 2020, they got engaged.

Two years ago they bought a house in Simcoe even though Kevin has worked for a Hamilton company as a millwright for eight years. It’s a long drive, but the couple can’t imagine raising a family anywhere else.

Both come from long-standing families in Port Dover and Norfolk County.

“My mother was Robin Watkinson and I am descended from Thomas A. Ivey [the family with the huge greenhouse business]“, explains Amandine. “And Kevin is a mummery from a whole fishing family.”

Last spring, Amanda completed a degree in social work at Fanshawe Simcoe. After an eight-week internship in Brantford over the summer, she decided to put off her new career until after the wedding.

She returned to work at the Beach House in Port Dover – where she worked for 15 years, as well as a part-time job at Shoppers Drug Mart.

The couple were delighted to find out that Amanda was 3-4 weeks pregnant on their wedding day.

Everything was in place for their future.

The wedding they had originally planned was to take place at the Port Dover Yacht Club – where his late mother had served as the first female Commodore.

But amid Covid-19 and ever-changing restrictions, they couldn’t schedule an indoor event.

“We didn’t want to postpone our wedding,” says Amanda. “Then my dad offered his garden and we got the place.”

Amanda made most of the arrangements, but says both families helped out.

They were lucky on a beautiful sunny day – lucky indeed because they didn’t really have a backup plan.

Amanda and Kevin exchanged vows on her father’s bridge in a ceremony presided over by Peggy Guiler, a longtime family friend who had known her mother well.

The guest list was limited to 40 to meet social distancing requirements.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were all longtime friends, most dating back to 4th grade. Rebeka McFarlane served as bridesmaid while Eryn Stanley, Silver Smith, Emeline Depratto and Jessica Bigg served as bridesmaids.

Because she had just started her medical studies in Ireland, Jessica was unable to attend the wedding, but she sent a video.

Alex Gamble was Kevin’s best man with Jordan Mummery, Connor Robinson, Braeden Walker and Zach Wamsley as groomsmen.

Amanda and Kevin chose most of the dollar store decorations.

Other decorations came from J&K Wedding Rentals and Services.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom headed to Silver Lake Park to take pictures. Anyssa Hamilton and Isaac Riddle of Grace & Glenwood Photography took the photos.

As for the music, they also chose to do so. Kevin made the playlist on his phone. Then they rented a microphone and speaker from Black Creek Music.

Amanda says there was no question about the song for their first dance.

“Kevin found Skillet’s song Anchor,” Amanda explains. “He sent it to me and we both knew it was it.”

Amanda says the food from caterer Tracy Winkworth was wonderful.

Covid has impacted everything – even buying dresses.

Amanda chose a copper red for the groomsmen’s ties and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Each bridesmaid has found her own style of dress in the chosen color.

Amanda ordered her wedding dress online without ever trying it on and was thrilled it was on sale.

When it arrived, she tried it at her mother-in-law’s house and they celebrated with champagne and a few tears.

The few necessary modifications were made by Jane Johnstone-Baker.

Amanda used flowers from her mother’s bridal hat to make her own headwear.

On the day of the wedding, Holly Szatrowski did the wedding hair, while Amanda did her makeup.

The theme was originally nautical, but became more of a love story theme – a Port Dover love story.

There was no exotic honeymoon. Instead, the couple opted for a short staycation.

Currently, the couple are preparing for the arrival of their daughter Ashton, who is due to arrive right next to Mother’s Day.


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