This gay couple set goals for the perfect proposition



There are times when I say fairy tales don’t exist, and I start singing Taylor Swift’s “Because I’m not a princess, it’s not a fairy tale“and pretend to be Cruella instead. But at other times everything is magical and rosy. And that’s when I look at the photos of people’s proposal on Instagram, culminating in the story of love, and cry in * lonely *.

It was Rahul Malde and Sushank Chhiber who made me believe in love again. And they’re just ADORABLE.

Sushank met Rahul through a dating app in 2017 and they met in London for the first time. And sparks started to fly there! Since that day, this couple has had regular dates and fell in love.

We started this thing called “ABCD”, where we would schedule dates based on the letter that was assigned to us. That’s why from escape rooms to chocolate making to flamingo dancing, we’ve done it all.

– Sushank Chhiber

But the pair has not been without ups and downs. Rahul was initially uncomfortable going public about it, and they had a huge argument about it. But, in the words of the couple, the fight only made their bond stronger.

When they introduced themselves to each other parents, it was like they were meant to be a family! Rahul’s father said he felt like he had known Sushank forever from the first meeting. In fact, he was the first guy Rahul had introduced to his family. The two get along well between sisters.

Now for the magic part. After 2 years of dating, Sushank decided to ask the question. And he thought what could be better than July 4th in New York. So, he bought the ring, booked a private yacht overlooking the city and the fireworks above, and planned the perfect proposition. Kneeling down, he asked the question of the love of his life, Rahul. And he said yes!

Sushank wanted the proposal to be intimate, but also an opportunity to celebrate our love and our freedom. What better day of celebration than July 4th in New York City?

– Rahul Malde

The photos of the proposal are GORGEOUS. With fireworks lighting up the sky and the flame of love on the yacht, we are overwhelmed.

And to tie this love story together, last year the couple got married, and they look so cute!

There is only one limit that my poor little celibate heart can endure, BRB, finding my happiness forever.



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