Things you can only find when traveling to United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is a fascinating place to visit, and visitors will be equally intrigued by the things that can only be found there.

The United Arab Emirates, one of the most advanced regions in the world, is made up of seven emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although known for its luxurious atmosphere, technological advancements and record-breaking creations, the UAE is unique in many ways and these are some of the things you will only find within the borders of the United Arab Emirates. country.

8 Things adorned with gold and gold

The people of the United Arab Emirates are obsessed with luxury and that is why a lot of things here are made of gold. From gold-adorned hotels to gold dresses, gold-plated cars and even gold withdrawals from gold ATMs, the UAE is definitely in love with the element. Nowadays, it is not only used as decoration, but also as an ingredient for food. It’s true; there are gold dishes in Dubai made with what is called edible gold.

seven Tallest building in the world

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with the most skyscrapers in the world and by the way, Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world (since 2009) is located in Dubai. With its huge list of skyscrapers, other extremely tall skyscrapers claim the top spots on the list of tallest buildings in the world and some of them include – the Marina (425m) and the Princess Tower ( 413 m).

6 Strict laws

The laws of the United Arab Emirates are among the strictest in the world. From jail time for swearing on social media platforms to a fine for taking photos in public, many things considered normal in the Western world can lead to heavy fines, deportation or even jail time in this region. Not to mention fines for driving a dusty car (the UAE is dusty) around town or arrests for showing affection to the public. By public affection we mean – kissing in public or even holding hands.

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5 Dangerous animals

Besides their love for luxury, the people of this emirate also treasure exotic animals. While only dogs and cats are common in other parts of the world, it was common to see a man walking into a building with a leopard or driving around town with a lion in the back seat of the car, as this is seen as a way to display high status. Due to the controversy surrounding the issue, the UAE government in 2016 banned the possession of exotic pets and people caught parading any of these creatures in public now risk up to 6. months in prison or a heavy fine.

4 Extravagant vacation

The UAE is a lavish spending spot and while there are few places travelers can enjoy an affordable vacation, many UAE resorts, hotels and other vacation destinations / activities are expensive. In places like Dubai, it’s easy to see a hotel suite that costs $ 24,000 per night in Burj Al Arab or Super Yacht rentals that cost thousands of dollars an hour. Not to mention limo rentals, helicopter flights, desert safaris, and desert hot air balloon rides, which are good things to enjoy but cost a lot of money. To many, a thousand dollar bill seems like a huge fine for breaking the law, and a $ 5,000 bill can cause a panic attack for others. How about $ 80,000 to $ 100,000? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bills people comfortably receive in Dubai.

3 Four and a half day work week

Previously, the work week was 5 days in the United Arab Emirates. Sunday was the start of the work week, Thursday was the end and the remaining days – Friday and Saturday were used as weekends. In December 2021, the UAE government announced plans to adopt a 4.5-day work week, making it the first country in the world to implement the policy. This policy is expected to be implemented from January 1, 2022. According to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), the work week now lasts Monday to Friday noon and the remaining hours of Friday as well as Saturdays and Sundays will now be used as weekend. This new policy has been implemented to align with the business calendar of the rest of the world and also to promote work-life balance.

2 Luxury cars

The people of the United Arab Emirates make luxury cars seem so cheap. For many it is shocking to ask for an Uber and meet a Bugatti, but these types of situations are common in places like Dubai. All over the streets of Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates, it is normal to see the police patrolling the streets with supercars such as Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and Bugatti Veyron. With these beasts spread around the streets, the sounds of their engines will sound like music to the ears.

1 The deepest diving pool in the world

The UAE has a soft spot for record-breaking creations, which is why Dubai – one of the Emirates unveiled another record-holding attraction – the world’s deepest diving pool. With up to 14 million liters of water and 60m deep, this record-breaking pool is an underground city to explore.

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