The new online boat rental platform in Turkey

The new online boat rental platform of Teknevia Turkey

Online yacht and boat rentals Tekneviabrings together owners and users of boats and yachts who wish to rent. With Teknevia providing service in Istanbul, you can easily access beautiful boats and yachts online.

Teknevia accompanies you for all the privileged moments you want to experience in the Bosphorus, one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Island tour, island swim, after party, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baby shower, wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day, marriage proposal, business lunch, romantic dinner or private party. In all your special and important moments, Teknevia helps you rent yachts and boats. You can join yachts and boats with the latest luxury and quality models that you can rent at any time of the day in your most special moments. Whenever you need it 7 hours a day, 24 days a week, Teknevia offers you the best boat and yacht options for boat rental.

How does Teknevia work?

Getting to Teknevia is quite simple. You can start receiving the service by logging in from the website, mobile app which you can download from App Store or Google Play.

The first step is to create a request. You can determine organization content and get deals from the website or mobile app. You can start with basic information such as the purpose of the organization, where to get on and off, how many people and when. Then you can choose the options for eating and drinking and any additional decorations or organizations you need to be on the boat and submit your request.

Secondly, you can evaluate the alternatives offered to you through the system and quickly choose the most suitable one. For boat rental, you will be informed of the characteristics of the boat and the price offers. What you need to do is choose the best one for you from these alternatives.

The last step is the reservation. After choosing the most suitable boat for the special day you want to experience, you can complete your reservation by making a prepayment.

Teknevia brings you significant comfort in the rental of yachts and boats. With a high commission, it allows you to contact boat owners directly by getting rid of middlemen who will disadvantage you in terms of cost and avoid paying high commissions. He does it as quickly as possible. You can get the offers immediately and make your reservation comfortably. You can customize the organization you want to do according to your own wishes and tastes, and thus you can make your important moments with your loved ones much better.

Istanbul has the best alternatives for boat rental, but you may not have found the best options so far. Now, with the Teknevia difference, you can make your most special days that much more special and beautiful, and experience moments you’ll never forget for years to come. Do not be late to discover all the beauties with the difference of Teknevia and make your reservation as soon as possible.


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