The most outrageous features of Johnny Depp’s former pirate-themed superyacht


Much like his acting lineup, Depp’s eclectic taste for beautiful things was reflected in his superyacht. Her juxtaposition of names apparently foreshadowed the yacht’s varied identity, which, according to her design renovator LM Pagano, is meant to resemble “the Orient Express on the ocean” (via Insider). The superyacht featured an Art Deco-style interior, 1930s dining area and vintage furnishings adorned with 24-karat gold, all of which exuded an antique yet luxurious pirate ship feel. Unlike a pirate’s rickety old ship, however, the Vajoliroja also features modern touches, including a Kaleidescape home theater system, satellite TV, two on-board generators, a security system and a plethora of surround sound speakers. and flat screens throughout the ship (via Curtis Stokes).

Given her six refrigerators, five cabins, two dining rooms, two ice makers, two ovens, and two outboards with kayaks for water activities, there’s no shortage of amenities either. Each of her spacious sleeping cabins has its own bathroom with walk-in shower and locker, with the master bedroom being even larger. Similar to the variety of loot Jack Sparrow had accumulated throughout his adventures, these rooms would also contain items from around the world. The Vajoliroja is powered by two 480 horsepower Caterpillar 3406C engines capable of pushing the floating mansion to 15 mph (via Curtis Stokes). Of course, those hoping to cruise Depp’s superyacht should be prepared to shell out at least six figures, eight if seeking permanent residency.


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