The 11 Most Dog-Friendly Vacations in the U.S., From Maine to Texas


For some travelers, a family vacation isn’t complete without the family pet, making a dog-friendly vacation the top priority. Whether you are traveling via road trip or on a plane, vacationing with furry family members can be fun for the whole gang, as long as precautions and preparations are taken. For some, the thought of leaving their dog at home with a sitter or boarder can get in the way of holiday enjoyment, necessitating the need for a dog-friendly destination, with dog friendly hotels (Where Airbnb), dog friendly restaurantsand maybe even a dog friendly beach or two.

However, not every vacation is perfect for your pooch. When planning a dog-friendly vacation, there are important factors to consider, to ensure your dog’s comfort and enjoyment – and that of the rest of the family, of course. One of the main things is the weather and the season. Is the trip (whether by plane, train or car) likely to be cancelled? Will the weather forecast at your destination limit your dog to indoor solitude? When planning a dog-friendly trip, that means including your pup in those plans and making sure they can participate in activities, be welcome at hotels, and be authorized travel with you, because some breeds may not be allowed to fly at all, many airlines limit the number of puppies on board, and some hotels charge exorbitant fees for pets, limit specific breeds or sizes, or ban them altogether. Fortunately, there are plenty of dog-friendly vacation spots in the United States, offering a wide range of geographies, travel styles, and activities for the whole family, including dogs. From a coastal national park community to a midwestern woodland retreat, here are 11 of the most dog-friendly vacation spots in the country.

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