Take to the high seas with this super yacht hotel in Boston



Looking for a luxury coastal getaway without leaving Bay State? Experience the super yacht lifestyle overnight (or longer) on the newly updated Troca One, a 108-foot Italian-made Viking Sports Cruiser, docked at Charlestown Marina along Boston Harbor.

The pop-up yacht hotel begins operations on June 11 and is the latest offering from Troca Hotels. The boutique hotel company also operates The Daniel in Brunswick, Maine, as well as The Stonehedge Hotel & Spa in Tyngsboro.

Starting at $ 849 a night, guests can book a full luxury experience in the VIP cabin, which is equipped with a king-size bed, walk-in closet, flat-screen TV, and cooler wine. For an additional $ 100, you can stay in the master cabin, which has a hot tub as an added bonus. Rooms can be reserved on the Troca website as well as on Airbnb.

All guests are treated to champagne on arrival, along with an espresso machine and a continental breakfast. Upon request, Troca One guests can book a three-course dining experience with NoLo Bistro & Bar’s executive chef, Mark Filteau, for $ 180 per person.

Those wishing to experience the rich and famous lifestyle can charter the entire yacht and accommodate up to eight friends for around $ 4,000 a night. Guests can take a sunset cruise around the harbor for approximately $ 9,000.

While those prices may seem high, Troca Hotels senior vice president James Foster sees the yacht hotel as a more accessible alternative to those who want the yacht experience but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars. thousands of dollars for a weeklong charter, or a few million to own a private cruiser.

“It’s almost democratizing luxury,” he says, noting that the cost of booking a room on Troca One is about the same as or even less than that of a suite in a Boston luxury hotel. “It will be a once in a lifetime experience and it will be a real peek behind the curtains of the super yacht lifestyle.”

Foster adds that the concept is a new experience that “doesn’t seem like it has been done before.”

“There is nothing in this class of super yachts,” he says. “We believe this is a way to add luxury hotel rooms to a market that needs luxury hotel rooms.”

The Troca One experience comes with a unique Boston flavor. Located in historic Charlestown, you can discover famous historic sites such as the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill Memorial, Navy Yard, and Paul Revere Park. Guests will also have a great view of Boston, as the yacht faces the city skyline.

The yacht will only be available in Boston until October before the Troca One sails to the warm Miami shores from November through April. If you can’t wait to hit the high seas, you better book early, as rooms are already booked well in advance of the June 11 launch.



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