Sustainable and guilt-free yachting is exhibited in Monaco


Sunreef Yachts, designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly luxury multihulls, is causing a stir in Europe and beyond. Owned by Formula 1 legends Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso, Sunreef’s catamaran fleet takes sustainability to the next level, with the luxurious Sunreef 80 Eco leading the way.

Its first Monegasque showcase, the debut of the Sunreef 80 Eco at the Monaco Yacht Show, brings futuristic and sustainable yachting to Port Hercule. Mike Horn worldwide and renowned adventurer’s ambassador showed Iolande Skinner from From The Deck through this impeccable Superyacht.

You can see that the solar panels are 100% integrated into the mast and I’ve never seen that anywhere else than at Sunreef.

Mike Horn, Sunreef Ambassador

Filled with ‘green technologies’, the Sunreef 80 Eco is covered in highly efficient solar cells and features batteries that are 30% lighter than other commonly used nautical batteries. Turbines below the surface of the water take advantage of the sustained power of the sail to charge the batteries. All this is achieved with a huge beam of 11.5 meters.

The Sunreef 80 Eco has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible with solar hydrogenerators and sails | Source: Sunreef Yachts

Two 160 kW electric motors propel the vessel at a fast but quiet speed of 10 knots. In the absence of sunlight, it can maintain this speed for up to eight hours, thanks to a 475 kW battery bank.

Of course, there is also a backup diesel generator consisting of two 80kW generators producing 622 volts because, as experienced sailors know, even the best-planned expeditions can encounter challenges.

Beautifully bold interior spaces and an aggressively-lined silhouette are what yacht enthusiasts will appreciate in this rigorously eco-friendly offering. Never before have you been able to experience the ultimate in luxury with such a small impact on the environment. The Sunreef 80 Eco is a game changer.

Lower deck

The Sunreef 80 Eco’s two hulls are devoted to plush accommodation and the master suite is a lavish affair with a walk-in closet, desk and sofa. There are a total of four other bedrooms fitted with double beds, with the same ultra-sleek décor.

You have all the luxuries you can find at home, a dressing room and a double sink, and that’s what makes catamarans incredible boats.

Reflective surfaces and a dark color scheme are modern additions that really define these rooms as a place to relax, providing a contrast to the rationally appointed but equally stylish upper decks.

Wake up to ocean views through large side windows, allowing a glorious abundance of light to flood these bedrooms.

Main Bridge

The focal point of the ship should be the well-proportioned main saloon; it features modern European-style decor and a thoughtful layout that allows free movement of crew and passengers to all sections of the Sunreef 80 Eco. We would have to embark on a much longer monohull in Monaco this year to find a larger saloon.

The materials used are, to say the least, luxurious. Wood floors complement a minimalist aesthetic, and recessed lighting adds a touch of futuristic class that’s held together by an eclectic mix of wood tones.

Two welcoming sofas are large but fit well into the abundant interior space. There is room for a wine cellar near the stairs and the kitchen is equipped with restaurant quality appliances.

What makes this a really wonderful space is that you have a wide opening, these doors. Because you have this wide beam, living indoors and outdoors makes it airy.

To top it off, a retractable television sits behind a full-size piano in the main deck saloon, which Nico Rosberg says is one of his favorite features. There is also access to the spacious foredeck seating area directly from the main salon.

A wide-open main deck aft features a teak deck, more than enough space for alfresco dining and a starboard sunbed for those lazy afternoons spent anchored in a pristine bay.

fly bridge

The adventurous feel of the Sunreef 80 Eco continues onto the flybridge; the perfect place to relax and enjoy your time on board with the help of a fully stocked bar and huge space to furnish with anything you desire.

The increased stability of a catamaran means that this deck is not only easily accessible but much more comfortable to occupy. Being a flybridge there is a seated helm station on the port side aft which is perfect for the whole group to get together and enjoy the altitude.

It’s one of my favorite spots because that’s where you turn the mast and the sails. You have to look carefully at the details of this boat to understand what makes it an incredible sailboat.

More than enough space for sun loungers and even a small seating area demonstrate the sensibility of using a multihull while the continuation of the teak deck from the main deck aft unites the aesthetics of multiple social areas. The rigging for the huge mainsail is also on this deck.

Sailing yachts are always a big feature at the Monaco Yacht Show, but many of the vessels that fill the glamorous harbor can be more accurately described as motor yachts.

This year, an impressive line-up of newly built superyachts will provide attendees with plenty of opportunities to gauge the state of the evolving industry. Previous years have introduced some incredible concepts, including superyachts powered by alternative fuels.


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