Skyrocketing promotion of maritime tourism by several governments to fuel sales avenues in the boat rental market, Opines TMR



Several countries around the world promote marine tourism. This factor translates into increased sales opportunities for global market players boat rental market. Connected systems, service and maintenance, assistance systems, fleet management and monitoring systems are some of the technologies of boat rental services.

Using boat rental apps helps resolve payment issues and standardize customer service

The increased focus of players on the use of digital technologies such as boat rental applications is expected to create significant growth opportunities in the boat rental market. In addition, the market is believed to bring together some exceptional avenues, as companies have to comply with minimum regulations to start offering boat rental services.

The big companies in the boat rental market are increasingly focusing on democratizing the sailing experience. For example, Boatsetter (the online boat rental community) is focused on reducing problems with boat ownership. Additionally, the community ensures the availability of fully insured peer-to-peer boat rentals. The presence of such communities stimulates the expansion of the boat rental market.

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Players attract customers by offering pet-friendly boats

Travelers all over the world are turning to insurance packages in boat rentals, because of their ability to provide a safe travel experience. In addition, companies operating in the global boat rental market are increasingly focusing on offering higher quality services to attract a larger customer base. For example, several players are attracting Gen Z and Millennials by providing pet friendly boats. These efforts are resulting in significant growth in the boat rental market.

Several companies in the boat rental market are focused on integrating technological advancements. A typical example here is the rise of Rent Rabbit, which is an online car and boat rental management software. Apart from this, companies in the market are increasing the availability of user-friendly mobile applications, in which instant booking features are increasingly used.

Some of the major players operating in the global boat rental market are Brunswick Group, GETMYBOAT Inc., Blue Bay Marine, BRP, Beneteau Group and Blue Boat Yacht Entertainment Company.



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