Scientists Exploring Wreck Discover Mysterious Deep Sea Creature “Greater Than Man”



Marine researchers are mystified by a strange and huge squid-like organism found in the northern Red Sea.

In October, scientists from Team OceanX were examining a wreckage when they discovered the sea monster, which appeared to be larger than a person, swimming 2,800 feet below the surface of the Red Sea.

Examine the Pella

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Mattie Rodrigue, head of the OceanX research program, said the crew were examining the “Pella”, the ship that sank in November 2011, when they came across the “bigger than human” monster in a video posted on YouTube Thursday.

“For the rest of my life, I’ll never forget what happened next. As we gaze at the bow of the wreck, this giant mysterious monster appears out of nowhere, peeks at the ROV [remotely operated vehicle], and wraps his entire body around the bow of the wreck, ”says Mattie Rodrigue, director of the OceanX science program, in the video.

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Find the purple-backed squid

Dr Michael Vecchione, a biologist, helped her and identified the creature as a purple-backed flying squid.

“I can tell you what I believe and why I believe it. I believe it’s some purple-backed flying quid. And there is a well-known population of it in the area where you operate, the Red Sea. They get huge proportions. So what you are witnessing, I believe, is the gigantic form of Sthenoteuthis. ”In the video, Vecchione adds.

“They will approach one bait the same as the other, and they will swim the same way the animal did in the additional pictures. The size of the fin and the proportions of the fin per compared to the body indicate that it is not a gigantic squid. If you stop it right there, you will notice that it has short, wide fins that thicken together. They have the appearance of a tip of arrow. I know you probably wanted to believe you had pictures of huge squid, but I can assure you it’s not an Architeuthis dux. “He continues.

The video then rose to popularity on YouTube, with over 455,000 views in just five days.

Discoveries of the deep sea

Humans have explored the seas since the dawn of time. The Bible mentions sailors and maritime merchants, and travel and maritime affairs were prevalent during the ancient period when the Romans and Greeks explored the oceans.

We are still attached to sea travel today. Hundreds of thousands of nautical miles are flown around the world every day, from the global maritime sector to luxury yacht charter. Yet although our seas are busier than ever, most of them remain unknown.

So what percentage of the ocean has been explored? That’s a surprisingly tiny proportion, according to the National Ocean Service. Only 5% of the world’s seas have been surveyed and mapped, especially water below the surface. The rest have remained mostly unknown and unobserved by mankind.

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