Saudi Arabia creates huge new tourist resort



Oil being already so expensive, you might as well build a seaside resort on an oil platform …

Saudi Arabia, a country that has around 17% of the world’s proven oil reserves, has announced a new strategy to make oil rigs more user-friendly. Looks like Saudi Arabia has different plans when it comes to saving the environment from climate change….

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) revealed: “THE RIG” which is a 1.6 million square foot complex inspired by offshore oil rigs. Imagine going on vacation on an oil rig… THE RIG will be based on an oil rig in the Persian Gulf and will include three hotels of around 800 rooms, eleven restaurants, roller coasters (because why not?), A water slide , a Ferris wheel, bungee jumping, scuba diving and a performance arena to name a few attractions. It’s basically a theme park on an oil rig! The complex will be accessible by boat, yacht, cruise or helicopter. Wow, that sounds like an elite place already …

PIF released a promotional video for THE RIG that shows images of water slides built on an oil rig as well as a steel and glass hotel atrium at the center of the attraction.

According to a statement posted on the resort’s website, “the offshore platforms were created for discovery. THE RIG. takes this heritage to the next level. While it seems a bit controversial to build beach resorts next to oil rigs at a time when environmental pollution is a serious concern, the PIF maintains that it will follow “leading global standards and best practices. “on the protection of the environment in order to” ensure the preservation of the environment “surrounding THE RIG.

No official date has yet been announced by PIF for the launch of this unique resort and the location is also a secret at this time. But since Saudi Arabia’s oil rigs are clustered off the east coast town of Dammam, most experts believe the oil rig may be built somewhere nearby.



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