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The City of Victor Harbor approved the detailed design and construction of the Bluff Boat Ramp washrooms, including a new accessible parking lot with a $ 70,000 increase for the heritage-style toilet block, which could be matched with a grant , if successful.

The proposed toilet block location is at the north end of the boat launch parking lot in the Bert Puxley Preserve, which is a six meter by six meter lawn with a picnic area. The total cost of the project is $ 160,000.

Councilor Tim Glazbrook asked if the Puxley family had been consulted.

“This could cause angst for the boating community and the Puxley family as the reserve is named after Bert Puxley and I’m not sure if a toilet block is what they would want there. an alternate reserve to honor Bert Puxley, “says Cr Glazbrook.

Bert Puxley has been a full member of Sea Rescue and the Victor Harbor Yacht Club for many years.

“Cr Bryan Littlely said” we have consulted and it is now time to move on with the project.

The council spokesperson said the location had the option of encroaching on the nearby garden bed for more space.

“Accessible parking could be created on Franklin Parade by upgrading one of the existing spaces north of the grand ficus with stroller ramps and connecting trails,” the spokesperson said.

“Further consultation with the Coastal Protection Board would be required to address concerns about projected sea level rise. However, the draft Coastal Adaptation Strategy identified that this area, at 3.0 m AHD, is set above the risk of 2050 and is not likely to be affected by storm surge until 2100. “

The estimated cost of $ 160,000 includes an allowance for: design, engineering and project management, concrete slab, steel frame with masonry walls, internal fixtures and fittings, plumbing, electrical connections and services, upgrading of the parking lot on Franklin Parade with ramps and connecting trails, maintenance of paving works along the bank, work to revegetate flower beds and screens, An artistic component (value of approximately $ 5,000).

A development request would be required for all locations and will include a 12 week referral to Stage Heritage and the Coastal Protection Authority.

“Therefore, construction could not begin until at least February 2022. However, a temporary portable toilet will be located near the bluff boat launch during the peak summer vacation season of December 10, 2021. to February 7, 2022, after the Coast to Coast Tuna Tournament, ”the spokesperson said.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) Recreational Fishing, Boating, and Camping Facility Grant Fund applications are now open and closed on October 29, 2021. The $ 1.7 million grant fund PIRSA dollars will be available for eligible projects, up to $ 200,000, delivered by April 2023.

Eligible activities include toilet blocks.



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