Read this before hiring a shipping service


Read this before hiring a shipping service

Sometimes your boats will need repairs and maintenance, no matter how you maintain them. You should look for a boat repair shop if you don’t have one in mind. When looking for the right repair service, the first thing you need to think about is the very first impression of the boat repair shop.

Regarding this point, what you need to know is that a neat and orderly business will reveal a lot about what you can consider. A repair service that falls into this category will be a sign that their employees, as well as their management, understand the importance of having a comfortable and safe working environment.

Choose a marine repair service.

Before buying a boat, you should check with after-sales service to make sure you have the right professional to service it. To fully understand how to maintain your boat, ask to meet with the service manager.

This person should show you around the service shop. You should visit an organized and clean store. If the duty manager has been maintaining vessels for a long time, this is an important question to ask. The more experience they have, the better they will be able to handle your ship.

Many vendors require their professionals to undergo extensive training. They are also awarded master technician diplomas. If you choose a boat technician or a maritime service, you must request proof of these credentials. Certified technicians have passed very difficult tests.

Many stores with master technicians present diplomas. Using certified and well-trained technicians assures you of their ability to easily handle any yacht or other marine vessel service issue.

A ship repair service provides immediate or major ship repairs and refurbishment services in or out of port. Besides tugs and barges, they also repair fishing boats, work boats and fishing boats with modest budget and repair needs.

Is a boat repair technician expensive?

The labor cost for the marine technician service will vary by region and season, but will generally be between $ 70 and $ 120 per hour, similar to the cost of labor at a dealership. automobile. When the store is not very busy in the winter or off season, prices may be lower.

Standard annual engine maintenance or wintering may be a flat rate in some stores. Specialized service for marine diesel engines will be more expensive; a technician certified by the manufacturer can charge more than $ 175 per hour.

You can also hire a mobile marine technician, who will come to your boat for basic engine repair, electronics repair, and other tasks that are not easy to do in the workshop. Likewise, you may need to pay mileage charges at the mobile store, but you won’t have to move your boat.


Transport ships (containers, oil), military vessels, pleasure craft, sailboats and yachts all use marine repair services.

Marine repair services offer quick turnaround times and quality service for everything from super tanks to cruise ships. Minor, major and emergency boat repair services are available around the clock and around the world via mobile equipment and dedicated staff.

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