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Finally, the Yacht Club games announced the release date for their beloved darling indie spin-off Knight Shovel almost two years after the the game was originally unveiled. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon brings the franchise’s trademark storytelling in a frenzied encounter of a dungeon robot Tetris package on December 13.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon sees the team at Yacht Club and Vine for a game that involves less of the franchise’s tight platforming and more hunting for coins and defeating enemies with your shovel. The catch is that more and more enemies and objects are constantly falling from the top of the screen and you have to line up your enemies for a massive chain attack. You can move any knight you want around the room, but every step you take changes your surroundings, summoning more objects from above to make it harder to solve your puzzles.

Image via Yacht Club Games

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Pocket Dungeon isn’t afraid to rock the formula either, as there are bosses to fight and loot to collect as you progress through each level. Your playstyle is also determined by the knight you play. The trailer teased the return of every member of the “Order of the Non-Quarter” as playable puzzle solvers, each using their unique abilities, like Plague Knight’s potions and Propeller Knight’s propeller, eh well, the propeller, to eliminate enemies and reach the chests. At launch, Yacht Club promises a story mode with the storytelling and humor that makes the original so great, as well as a versus mode and daily challenges.


As a bonus, the Yacht Club announced that Pocket Dungeon will receive three DLC packs over the next year that will further expand the game. They have promised more details will follow shortly after the game’s release. The studio has been working hard on the spin-off for three years now alongside Following Knight Shovel title Shovel Knight Digging what was recently delayed until 2022. Scrap Knight, a character set that will appear in To dig, will debut in Pocket Dungeon.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon will release on Switch, PS4, and PC on December 13 and retail for $ 19.99. Watch the trailer below:


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