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CEO Jeannette Rodriguez, Liquid IV Therapy

The comfort of our patients along with our service and quality of IV treatments are at the forefront of everything we do.

Liquid IV Therapy is an IV concierge company that brings vitamin IV treatments right to your home, hotel, office or yacht. Based in Miami, our on-demand IV services are provided by our experienced Registered Nurses (RNs). Each nurse is expertly trained in peripheral IV placement and is committed to providing the best customer service in the mobile IV industry.

Owned and operated by a woman, our CEO and Founder, Jeannette Rodriguez, who created Liquid IV Therapy to provide nursing services to an array of patients seeking autonomy over their own healthcare in IV Hydration Therapy.

Jeannette began her career in medical sales over 20 years ago in the pharmaceutical industry in Miami, Florida, where she later moved to New York to join a start-up as a sales representative. There, she rose through the corporate ranks and became responsible for rheumatology specialty sales in the Northeast, where she and her team ranked first, for 3 consecutive years, for top sales performance. Soon after, Jeannette and her husband decided to move back to Miami to raise their child near their family. Leaving at the peak of her career was a tough decision to make, but she knew it was time to stop the ride of weekly sales trips and dedicate it all to her family.

After four years as a stay-at-home mom, she decided to rejoin the medical staff, but she just wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to turn out. “It’s funny because once you leave this exceptionally busy career and you decide it’s time to go back, well, guess what? In sales, this train continues to roll. And you find yourself behind the line again with only your latest and greatest sale as your main selling point. She wanted more for herself and just couldn’t find anything that suited her perfectly.

Then, in the winter of 2020, everything fell into place. After a horrible stomach flu episode of vomiting for hours to the point that her hands became deformed due to severe electrolyte loss, Jeannette decided to forgo going to the ER and called an IV therapy company to get help. After a few minutes on a saline drip, she was back to being herself. In fact, in the middle of her IV, she was ordering lunch. This shows how fast and effective the treatment is.

During the same period, her 80-year-old mother received Covid, pre-vaccinated, and Jeannette decided to book home treatment through an intravenous therapy company to monitor her, check her vitals and give him an immune IV. As a result, she believes this is what kept her mother healthy and strong.

After that, Jeannette was convinced she should start an IV concierge business, under the supervision of a doctor, where patients can make an appointment with a nurse for IV hydration therapy without having to go to the emergency room. .

Liquid IV Therapy was created on the basis that the patient comes first. The comfort of our patients along with our service and quality of IV treatments are at the forefront of everything we do. By putting the patient first, we continue to provide the best care, every day and in every way!

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