Lengthy Edmonton Police Undercover Operation Leads to Murder Charges


The Edmonton Police Department spent more than a year on an elaborate undercover operation by Mr. Big targeting Christopher Lamarche.

Lamarche, 27, is charged with the second degree murder of his six-month-old son Jarock Humeniuk. Edmonton Police said the baby died on May 28, 2017 from blunt trauma.

Lamarche was arrested in Vancouver on July 5, 2019, the day after a meeting with an undercover police officer he believed to be the head of a criminal organization.

A 19-day trial by a single judge began this week at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton with an initial focus on the undercover operation dubbed Project Hope.

The identity of all undercover agents is protected by a court-ordered publication ban.

The first officer who contacted Lamarche testified: “I was the hook guy.

His mission was to forge a relationship with Lamarche. He went to a restaurant in North Edmonton, Capital Pizza and Steak House, which Lamarche was known to frequent, hoping to meet him.

Christopher Lamarche was a regular customer of Capital Pizza & Steak House and often encountered undercover agents there during Project Hope. (Capital Pizza & Steak House / Facebook)

Identifying himself as Jay, he returned there six more times before finally striking up a conversation with Lamarche.

Eventually, the two exchanged phone numbers with Jay addressing the idea of ​​finding work for Lamarche who was unemployed at the time and living with his parents.

On December 6, 2018, Lamarche was introduced to three other undercover officers when a limousine showed up at Capital Pizza. The group invited Lamarche to join them for dinner.

“We wanted to let him know we were nice people,” Jay said Wednesday.

In March 2019, Lamarche was painting and cleaning a warehouse allegedly used by the criminal organization. Jay invited Lamarche and another undercover agent, passing by Derek, on a trip to Banff.

The police wanted Lamarche to leave town so that they could install surveillance at his parents’ house.

The three men were each secured their own room at a four-star hotel in Banff.

“It looked like he was having a good time,” Jay testified. “He told us we were the only real friends he had.

A few weeks later, the officer testified that Lamarche told him about his deceased son.

He said the boy died from SIDS– Police officer in civilian clothes

“His eyes turned red and a little glassy,” Jay told the court. “He said the child’s mother called him a murderer and he said the boy died from SIDS.”

Jay gradually disappeared from the picture claiming he was addicted to alcohol and needed treatment.

Derek picked up where he left off.

Introducing Mr. Big

Lamarche continued to work for the organization he believed was linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs. Undercover officers took him on trips across Alberta to recover allegedly stolen vehicles and car parts.

Various scenarios were played out to convince Lamarche that if he made a mistake, the organization would support him.

One scenario involved burning a BMW SUV to cover up an alleged assault on a woman inside the vehicle who was complete with fake blood and hair pulled from a wig.

Lamarche was introduced to the organization’s new “boss” called Joe.

Project Hope headed for the ultimate goal when Joe invited everyone in his organization to come to Vancouver on July 2, 2019.

During the trip, Joe encountered the men on a yacht that was parked in a marina.

Lamarche and the undercover officers had rooms at the Fairmont Hotel and had dinner at a restaurant offering $ 100 caviar and steaks.

Derek testified that as they walked back to the hotel after dinner, he pretended to drink from a whiskey bottle. He was arrested by Vancouver police and taken into custody.

The next morning, when Lamarche and another undercover agent picked up Derek from the police station, Derek pretended to be upset and said he had been questioned overnight by detectives.

“I said detectives were investigating Chris for the murder of his son,” Derek said.

He said Chris started sobbing and said something like “I thought it was over.”

Joe had a private meeting with Lamarche on his yacht and met him one-on-one again the next day.

The next day, Lamarche was arrested by Vancouver police and charged with second degree murder.

Joe, or Mr. Big, is expected to testify later at the trial.


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