Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s $7 Million Yacht


Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo cruises in style with his $7 million superyacht.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s unparalleled talent and hard work have made him one of football’s greatest players. The player’s deals, endorsements and business investments with the football club have earned him a net worth of $500 million, making him one of the highest paid athletes in the world. Known for his style and charisma, the football star spends millions buying luxury goods that few can afford. A collector of the best, he has a superb collection of watches, a long fleet of stylish cars and, more recently, he bought a mega yacht for his family.

The superyacht costs $7 million and has luxurious amenities that the family enjoys. Fans regularly spot the yacht through his social media accounts, where he shares snippets of his luxurious life. Let’s take a look inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s $7 million superyachts.

A superyacht for the family

Cristiano Ronaldo has a growing family with girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez, and he enjoys being an active dad while providing them with luxuries he couldn’t afford growing up in Portugal. Superyachts are seen as a status symbol today, and many top athletes own a powerboat that shows off their expensive tastes. Before Cristiano Ronaldo bought his $7 million yachts in 2020, he chartered a yacht charter called Africa I which had six cabins for twelve guests. According to Initiatedthe yacht’s rent was $239,500 a week, so the football star decided to buy a yacht for himself.

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In 2020, Ronaldo spotted the yacht in Viareggio, Italy at Azimut-Benetti shipyards before purchasing it for himself. Called Azimut-Grande 27, the yacht offers dynamic stability with its carbon fiber structure which reduces weight and increases surface area. Azimut-Grande 27 was designed by Achille Salvagni Architects, while prolific superyacht designer Stefano Righini completed the exterior styling. The total length of the yacht is 26.78 meters, the width is 6.59 meters with a maximum speed of 28 knots, as reported by Azimuth Yachts.

The many amenities inside the yacht

The interior of the yacht is equipped with space and comfort that the family can enjoy. It features five spacious bedrooms and six equally stunning bathrooms. In addition, it has two living rooms with a dining table in the adjoining open space for a romantic dinner. The galley is equipped with modern appliances allowing the crew to prepare meals, as indicated by daily star. The deck has an open bar with two lounge areas for lounging in the sun alongside. The owner’s cabin is located on the yacht’s main deck and features full-height windows on all sides to provide panoramic ocean views.

The Azimut-Grande 27 has been built with the highest nautical standards in mind and has received CE Category A and NMMA certifications which ensure the boat meets two important safety codes. In the wheelhouse, the yacht is fitted with an Optimus electronic power steering system created by Seastar Solutions and helps the owner configure responses to eliminate hydraulic lines from the helm station. With its Active Trim Control, the superyacht offers an increase in speed and a decrease in fuel consumption.

A luxurious getaway

As mentioned by The sun, after buying the Azimut-Grande 27, Cristiano Ronaldo set sail for the first time on the superyacht in 2020 and took her on a first trip to the Tyrrhenian coast, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea with his small friend and her children. The football star showed off the new purchase on Instagram to his more than 400 million followers. He continued to sail the yacht during the summers and to be absent from the football field.

Ronaldo has been spotted on the yacht several times, including when his side were knocked out of the Euro 2020 round of 16, and he decided to take a break with his family. As a member of Italian football club Juventus, he spends most of his time in Italy and sails along the beautiful coastlines. He also visited a small Italian town called Celle Ligure. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the soccer star spent uninterrupted time on the yacht away from the public with his family, enjoying the seas and staying aboard the luxury vessel.

Cristiano Ronaldo likes to live his life in luxury and has always maintained his status symbol as having one of the most lavish lifestyles of any athlete. The footballer also continues to work hard to earn his big paychecks as he trains for his matches while pursuing his contract with Juventus football club, which runs out in 2022.

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