If 150 million euros are spent on America’s Cup, there can be no excuse not to fund grassroots sport, says Cork TD


IF the government decides to spend 150 million euros in organizing the America’s Cup, “there can be no excuse for the continued failure to fund grassroots sport,” said a TD from Cork .

Speaking to Dáil on Wednesday, Solidarity TD Mick Barry asked Taoiseach Micheál Martin if the government “is still considering the idea of ​​organizing a 150 million euro international yacht race”.

“There are sports clubs in my constituency whose members need to fundraise for a kit, need to fundraise for locker rooms, as there are undoubtedly in yours too.

“Would you agree with me that if your government decides to spend 150 million euros on the America’s Cup, there can be no excuse for the continued failure of grassroots sport funding,” he said. asked Mr. Barry.

Ireland’s offer to host the 2024 race in Cork had been seen as the main contender before the government paused to assess the cost-benefit of hosting the event.

Earlier this month, organizers announced an extension of the selection process.

Speaking in response to Barry on Wednesday, the Taoiseach said the government wanted to support grassroots sport.

Regarding the America’s Cup, he said the organizers wrote to the Sports Ministry and the engagement is underway.

“There must be due diligence and due process before any decision is made,” he said.

“There is a unit within the Ministry of Sports which deals with hosting major events, like the Ryder Cup, for example.

“Economically, they [such large events] have proven that they give significant return ratios to the economy by creating jobs, etc. considered, ”continued Mr. Martin.

While some criticized the cost of hosting the sailing event, there was also support for the idea.

An online petition urging people to support the bid to bring the America’s Cup to Cork has reached nearly 2,000 signatures.

The petition was started by Michael Horgan, who described the event as having “the potential to completely transform Cork”.


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