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This hotel offers vacationers a “vacation in paradise package”. For around € 1,000, a sun-seeking couple can enjoy a week of relaxation here.

Much of tonight’s episode focused on Mandy, a frequent hotel guest, who sets out to find Pedro, the bartender who wooed her in the ’70s – along with her husband to her. kits.

But to ensure that visitors like Mandy enjoy exciting, fun, and stress-free activities, hotel staff must work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Loyalty and Community Manager Carron is responsible for the “company’s reputation”, especially online.

With over 400 rooms and 1,000 possible guests at any one time, this is no small feat.

She said, “The hotel is my home. How is it in the kitchen, do people like food? How is it in the bedroom, do they like what is in the bedrooms? Are they comfortable?

Interestingly, all the bedrooms contain two single beds: ‘They can either be pushed together if [guests] want to be close, or they can be further away if they want to be further apart. “

With the British having flocked to the Rio Park Hotel, the cuisine must cater to their specific taste buds.

The chefs provide 2,000 slices of bacon each morning, as well as 10 kg of beans and 1,000 eggs.

Receptionist Abigail, who has worked at the hotel for five years, is responsible for greeting and registering guests, as well as answering phones.

Abigail explained, “If you’re feeling happy, guests can feel it. So I try to be happy all the time.”

Deputy Front Desk Manager Sharon said, “The front desk is the heart of the hotel. It all starts, more or less, in the reception area. “

Hotel host Tom agreed that positive behavior goes a long way in the hospitality industry: “If you always laugh and smile on stage, it’s contagious. That’s the trick.

“You’re just bouncing off each other that way. “

The “Group of Merry Men”, made up of Entertainment Coordinator David, Entertainment Director Jeanette, Artist Sherry and Artist Tom, bring smiles to guests at the Rio Park Hotel and sister hotel Flamingo Oasis.

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