Harwich RNLI Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Lifeboat



A SEA rescue charity celebrates the 25th anniversary of its all-weather lifeboat which has been used to save countless people in danger.

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the commissioning of the RNLI Harwich All Weather Lifeboat, Albert Brown, making it the first Severn Class lifeboat to be commissioned for the RNLI.

It continues a tradition of firsts for the station, with the RNLI’s first steam lifeboat stationed at Harwich in 1890.

Today’s 42-ton Severn Class was a new generation of self-righting all-weather lifeboat capable of 25 knots and fitted with the latest technology.

Photo: RNLI

At 17 meters, it would be the largest lifeboat in the fleet and an ideal replacement for the 13.4 meter Waveney-class lifeboats that have served Harwich since 1967.

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With 25 years of responding to distress calls to its credit, there are a multitude of stories associated with the trade.

Notable service took place on September 6, 2000, when one of the longest services in recent RNLI history was undertaken to save a yacht and its two occupants, which was in difficulty some 50 miles offshore. after losing his rudder.

The volunteer crew stayed afloat for more than 20 hours and had to go to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge in conditions that had become “atrocious”.

Peter Bull, Harwich RNLI Director, said: “I am proud to run a station with such a rich history, including notable firsts for the RNLI, such as having the first operational steam lifeboat in 1890, or the first Severn-class lifeboat in 1996.

“In addition, in recent months, the appointment of the first full-time female coxswain – Di Bush.

“None of this would be possible without the generosity of the public, which I find truly humiliating. ”

Anyone wishing to donate to Harwich RNLI, ensuring that volunteers can respond to distress calls at sea, can do so through the charity boxes, the RNLI shop attached to the lifeboat station, or via bit.ly/3ogJq1C.



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