GTA Online: How to unlock the submarine


Unlocking the Kosatka Submarine in Grand Theft Auto Online is more time consuming than difficult, but it has some key benefits.

The variety of vehicles available in Grand Theft Auto Online grows enormously with each update. When the game launched in 2013, gamers could expect supercars, tanks, and jet fighters. Today there are buggies, rockets and even a nuclear submarine: the Kosatka.

Introduced in The heist of Cayo Perico, the Kosatka is a combined vehicle and base of operations similar to the Galaxy Super Yacht and the Terrorbyte Mobile Operations Center. The submarine can be piloted in the waters of San Andreas, but it also offers the same facilities as a refuge for a price. Getting the Kosatka isn’t too difficult, and the submarine offers some key benefits, but don’t expect to use it as your daily transport.

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How to unlock the Kosatka in GTA Online

Launch of a Kosatka submarine missile in GTA Online

Kosatka is a prerequisite for playing The heist of Cayo Pericothe missions of. This story begins with a phone call from Miguel Madrazo, the son of Martin and Patricia from the solo story. Miguel wants to meet at Music Locker, a dance club located under the Diamond Casino in East Vinewood. After the meeting, players will have the option to purchase the Kosatka from the Warstock Cache & Carry game website. The boat will appear on command via the interactions menu.

It may sound easy, but like others GTA Online updates, there is a substantial entry cost. The basic Kosatka costs $ 2,200,000 and comes with limited features. Additional features are available for purchase that provide access to a Weapons Workshop, Vehicle Bay, and Defensive Systems. A fully loaded Kosatka can cost up to $ 9,000,000, although the ship can be changed at any time through the Warstock website if that lump sum is too high at a time.

These modifications offer familiar facilities alongside more unique offerings. Various guns, snacks, and equipment appear throughout the ship. Captain’s Quarters come standard with a spawn point, bed, laptop, and closet. Fast travel is also an option, although it costs up to $ 10,000 per trip.

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The Weapons Workshop costs $ 350,000 and grants access to all weapon upgrades, including the Mark 2 versions. While the Kosatka base does include Moon Pool Halls, they aren’t much use without the Avisa submarine at $ 1,545,000 or the Sparrow helicopter at $ 1,815,000. However, the Lunar Pool is the only place in the game to modify the Sparrow, equipping it with significant firepower like .50 caliber machine guns.

Is GTA Online’s Kosatka worth the cost?

The interior of the submarine Kosatka in GTA Online

In a public server, the Kosatka can be a liability. It’s a large, slow target, vulnerable to explosives, and some key defenses aren’t standard. The primary weapons in the base model are torpedoes and homing missiles, both of which are slow, and the required target lock can be difficult to use on fast or medium range enemies. The remote missile upgrade costs $ 1,900,000, but it adds a new flexible option to the submarine’s arsenal. Players can directly control missiles from a distance towards a target, and projectiles have unlimited fuel as long as they don’t stray too far from the submarine.

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Of course, the Kosatka’s best defense is that it is a submarine. Staying away from shore will protect the ship from many land threats, but it remains vulnerable to aircraft and other boats. Hiding is a strong option. Immersing the submarine removes it from other players’ radars. Of course, that also means submerged enemy submarines don’t show up on radar either. Buying the sonar station for $ 1,200,000 reveals these submerged craft and buried treasure locations, which offsets part of the price.

As a vehicle, the Kosatka offers mediocre value for all the money it costs overall. Of course, this is a must buy for anyone who wants to play Cayo Perico heist jobs, but even with the extra bells and whistles, the sub is extremely vulnerable with limited range. Due to its sheer volume, the Kosatka performs best in the deeper ocean waters off the coast of San Andreas. For regular use as a field command center, the Terrorbyte is more rugged and the Avenger is more elusive. The safest way to operate the submarine is to hide underwater, which makes it little more than a wet bunker, and the cheapest bunker in GTA Online costs only $ 1,165,000.

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