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Residents of the 3rd Congressional District have suffered for years as United States Representative Dan Lipinski in Illinois consistently votes for Republicans and war spending rather than humanitarian reasons.

He betrayed his constituents, and especially his blue collar constituents who didn’t have a daddy’s advantage to give them a job, as he did to land which gave him job security and all the perks of the office – like congressional health care.

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Lipinski, who lost his last election and is stepping down, was one of only two Democrats to have voted against increasing COVID-19 benefit checks on Monday from $ 600 to $ 2,000 for eligible adults, to help save the unemployed and those in desperate need.

Why? Good riddance to a Democrat who was truly a Republican.

Ed Juillard, Morgan Park

Why a check for everyone?

The government, with pandemic restrictions, has closed thousands of businesses, restricted other businesses and put millions of people out of work. So, yes, I can live with the government to help people in need. For the moment. Increase unemployment benefits until businesses reopen or regain full capacity.

Support for businesses is a bit more complicated, however. Stopping all tax payments incurred during this period would be a good start, including property taxes.

But last time around, they also sent us a pandemic stimulus check. We didn’t need it. We were not affected by the closure or the restrictions. Why did we receive a check? Why are they giving everyone a check just because they made less than a certain amount of money? I was earning less than that even when I was working, and I was working in an essential company.

They are using this virus story as an excuse to just spend money that is not needed.

Maybe I should just return the money or donate it to charity. Nope ! All of this government borrowing will only increase the rate of inflation, and I will need the money to stay the same.

Larry Craig, Wilmette


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