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Book this girls-only vacation that has been waiting and explore this diverse country with your gang and sign up for the adventure of a lifetime. From hiking, biking, climbing, paragliding to skiing – treat yourself to life-changing experiences in the breathtaking panoramas of Switzerland – that will not only bring you closer, but also help you discover yourself. and to inspire many others!

Here are some activities you can experience with your tribe of girls in Switzerland:

Climbing and mountaineering: With a landscape as spectacular as that of Switzerland, climbing its magnificent mountains is a no-brainer. Depending on the skill level of the group, groups can choose between single or multi-day alpine tours led by female guides! A 2-day trip to climb the Briethorn is the perfect introduction to mountaineering for beginners where women learn all the tips and tricks from the experts – for getting around this pristine landscape with wide glaciers, jagged ridges and steep sides. Once at the top of this 4000m peak, climbers can proudly bask in their feat, while enjoying fantastic views of the Monte Rosa massif.

Running: Running through breathtaking landscapes and over every type of terrain imaginable is part of the appeal of trail running in Switzerland. And experiencing it with your friends will make it even more special! Choose from trails in the lush greenery of Arosa, the idyllic Saas-Fee or the car-free town of Zermatt. The benefits of trail running in Switzerland not only include breathtaking views and meeting like-minded people, but the classes offered here will also improve your running technique, help you eat healthier, and listen to your body. With workshops adapted to different levels; some courses are geared more towards beginners, while others are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience. The Swiss Alps are the perfect setting to start your running adventure with some inspiring friends!

Hiking: The Swiss love to hike, and with over 65,000 km of marked trails offering magnificent views of the Alps, it’s not hard to see why. With 100% women, hikers of all levels and desires can find a hiking experience suited to their needs. From a regular hike to wellness hikes that combine walking, yoga, qigong, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, all against the backdrop of the most spectacular scenery of surrounding mountains, forests, hills and lakes . There are also “offline” treks where phones are banned for a few hours or even days, providing a much-needed digital detox.

Cycling: If there’s something the Swiss love even more than hiking, it’s cycling! There are more than 12,000 km of standardized and signposted cycle routes throughout Switzerland! The many attractive trails along the banks and lakes, with only small uphill sections, are a particular highlight. With easy rentals and interconnecting railways, one can always combine a cycling experience with public transport to cover every nook and cranny of this beautiful country. Led by an experienced guide, some cycling experiences include a culinary aspect or yoga, as well as repair workshops to teach cyclists how to fix their bikes themselves!

Nautical sports: Whether it’s the altitude, the crystal clear water or the beauty of the surrounding landscape, there is something extraordinary about Switzerland’s 1500 sparkling lakes! There are several hiking, biking and climbing experiences that allow you to swim in the lakes along the route, but if you want to do water activities with your group, Switzerland has you covered.

You might think surfing opportunities in landlocked Switzerland would be hard to come by, but think again! Wakeboarding and jet boating are the perfect activities for a group that wants to do something exciting – or you can sink into the stunningly beautiful surroundings with a kayak on the crystal clear waters of Lake Lugano and a massage, followed by of your choice to relax by the pool, discover the villages or go on a shopping spree.

You may not know it yet, but there’s nothing like sailing to help bond a group – yoga and sailing in Switzerland is a unique activity that offers group members an hour of yoga every morning, followed by a sailing lesson on a yacht in the blue waters of Lake Constance.

With SWISS flying direct from Mumbai to Zurich, why wait any longer? Plan this girl’s trip today!


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