Entrepreneur Rahul Kaul Unveils Secret of How He Leaked Revenue During COVID-19 Lockdown




The last two years have been a break-in phase for a majority of entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises. During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of entrepreneurs suffered heavy losses in different industries. However, there were a few exceptions which turned the tide by earning great fortunes. Rahul Kaul is one of those talented personalities whose diverse works have helped him climb the ladder of success at a lightning pace.

Rahul Kaul is a synonymous name in the scenario of Dubai events and parties. For more than a decade, it has taken nightlife events to a whole new level. Sadly, with the deadly coronavirus disrupting humanity, the majority of its business ventures have come to a standstill. Unleashing the fact that the events and entertainment industry will take a long time to recover, the versatile man plunged into a completely different business venture.

This is when Kaul entered the field of content creation and influencer marketing. With a strong network of entrepreneurs, designers, celebrities and brands; Rahul Kaul excelled in this area by the speed of light. The entrepreneur in the containment phase has raised the curtains with his company ‘IMDDXB Influencer Agency’ which bridges the gap between brands and influencers. At a time when things were going digital, Rahul Kaul did so by making this new change.

While many business minds were skeptical about investing in diversified businesses, Kaul kept the momentum going by making smart investments. During this time he acquired a yacht business and now has 3 yachts to his credit. ‘The Dejavu Yacht’ has established itself as a profitable business dealing with yacht and boat rentals in Dubai. While these business ventures have helped him raise millions during the pandemic, his core business, events, is gradually getting back on track.

In the past, the dynamic entrepreneur has hosted Bollywood parties in Dubai for well-known celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Kapil Sharma and many more. Besides these companies, Rahul Kaul is a humanitarian and has repeatedly contributed to different causes and charities. In 2022, it intends to expand its business into various other verticals in the UAE and other countries in the Middle East.

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