EastEnders reveals Lee Carter’s secret as he takes out emergency loan to pay for marriage


EASTENERS revealed Lee Carter’s secret.

After the cheating, the STI, the baby, the tragic loss of their unborn baby, fans of the couple may have feared the pair would never get their happy ending, and they were right, as in the closing moments of Thursday night’s episode of the BBC One soap opera, Lee was seen contracting a payday loan.


With wedding fees rising, Lee was forced to take out a payday loan to keep up appearancesCredit: 5379

The supposed new boy in town has been worried about money since taking up his new job, but insisted on splashing the money.

An argument broke out between Lee and his brother Johnny after Lee bought Whitney expensive earrings, while he also claimed he couldn’t get their honeymoon dates outside of work, which means that they couldn’t fly to an exotic place.

The BBC soap opera recently posted spoiler photos from the couple’s wedding day with the couple in all their finery, but behind the smiles, a secret threatens to upset the couple.

As they pose in their wedding outfits, Whitney is on top, Lee’s fur-lined fishtail dress and gray suit, their faces tell the truth as a secret from Lee threatens to blow up the couple.

    Happy until the end of time?  Unlikely, it's Walford after all


Happy until the end of time? Unlikely, it’s Walford after all

Viewers know how Lee once drunkenly cheated on Whitney with Abi Branning, but with his anxiety about his new job leading him to dark places, what else could he be hiding?

In Monday night’s episode, Lee was shocked when Whitney asked the pair to start looking for an expensive apartment in Stratford.

    Lee doesn't seem to be enjoying his marriage much


Lee doesn’t seem to be enjoying his marriage muchCredit: 5380

But as soon as it became apparent that she had been saving up and saving on her earrings, buying some cheap £ 5 earrings that made her ears green, for the wedding, Lee had the look downcast and worried.

The secret, whatever it is, will herald bad news for the couple.

    Johnny tries to convince his brother to do the right thing, but will he listen to him?


Johnny tries to convince his brother to do the right thing, but will he listen to him?Credit: 5380

Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard, who will be leaving the show soon, has admitted the secrecy will wreak havoc on their relationship.

“If she found out and he was honest, I think Whitney would understand and help him deal with the situation,” he told The Radio Times.

“If she found out through a third party, I think she would feel angry and disappointed.”

    After Johnny finds out Lee's secret, he furiously confronts him


After Johnny finds out Lee’s secret, he furiously confronts himCredit: 5379

“I think he is scared and he really feels the pressure,” he added. “Basically, he probably thinks this is all a little premature, but he felt the pressure to prove himself to Whitney.

“He wants to show he’s engaged. But at the same time, his head is currently in a full knot.

“He makes a lot of massive decisions without really considering the consequences.”


Credit: 5380

Other footage shows Johnny Carter furiously confronting his brother about the secret when he stumbles upon it.

A source told the Daily Star: “Lee doesn’t do very well when things go wrong. But instead of arguing with Whitney, he goes behind her back to try to fix it.

“It’s not the best way to start a marriage and Johnny is begging him to tell the truth.”

The photos also confirm the return of Whitney’s brother Ryan Malloy, who surprises her on her wedding day.

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