Downtown Marina Wins Top Prize | New


Brunswick Landing Marina was named Best Large Marina by Marine Life Magazine, in the publication’s annual competition.

Chosen by the magazine’s readers, Brunswick’s downtown marina won first place against thousands of competitors.

“Given the number of great marinas in sought-after locations, I couldn’t be prouder that we received this recognition,” said Daren Pietsch, President of Brunswick Landing Marina.

Brunswick Landing Marina has over 445 dry and wet docks and offers a range of marine services. The property was once used by the United States Navy as a hurricane hole as the marina is protected on three sides by land, providing refuge for boaters from storms.

The marina also offers year-round service at its boatyard, has a dog park for guests, daily social events at its Yacht Club, a free propane barbecue at each dock, rental free of bicycles, washing machines and other amenities.

There are several new additions recently added or on the horizon for Brunswick Landing Marina, said Marina Manager Michael Torras.

“We are always thinking of new ways to improve the lives of our customers at Brunswick Landing Marina,” said Torras.

Brunswick Landing Marina’s current and future amenities attract guests from around the world, many of whom return for multiple visits.


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