Congress should prioritize an expanded child tax credit over corporate tax breaks


The election is over but, for families living in poverty, the daily struggle continues to pay for food, rent and utilities. Before the end of this year, our senators can take steps to help families in this fight.

In 2021, when Congress expanded the Child Tax Credit (CTC), the number of children living in poverty fell about 46%. Families were able to pay utility bills and avoid high-interest payday loans. But Congress failed to make the expansions permanent, and child poverty rose again in 2022. A study found that employment declined for CTC recipients after monthly payments stopped, highlighting the importance of CTC payments in helping families pay for child care and transportation costs.

When Congress returns to Washington this month, extend tax breaks to businesses will probably be part of the end of the year agenda. We cannot allow corporations to take tax breaks and then deprive our American children of basic needs. Thanks to Senator Sherrod Brown for being a champion of CTC expansion; continue the fight. Senator Rob Portman, your legacy could hold a bright future for the children of Ohio. Insisting that tax policies speak to the value of American families and their children; make CTC expansions permanent.


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