CES 2022: L-Acoustics Creations & C-SEED unveil Maunakea


CES 2022 is underway and we love to cover some really unique products that you might not hear about elsewhere. If your wallet can handle it, L-Acoustics and C-SEED have something really interesting for the home theater fan this year.

I would have to sell at least two of my kids to afford this system, but never say never.

Long recognized for bringing impeccable sound to venues of all sizes, from concert halls to the world’s best music festivals, the innovators at L-Acoustics are now bringing their expertise to more intimate environments – namely your home. In 2020, L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics dedicated to listening environments for home, architecture and super yachts, debuted Prestige of the islands, a sumptuous sonic lounge with immersive sound 18.1.

Austrian luxury home entertainment brand C SEED has been transforming the home theater experience since 2013. C SEED offers premium MicroLED display technology in a large format TV that deftly rises from the floor and deploys with the push of a button. on a button, making a spectacular entrance.

To herald the start of a new year and CES 2022, L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED announce their most exciting collaboration yet: Maunakea (pronounced MO-na-KEY-uh). Maunakea is an integrated pairing of the Prestige of the islands with the M1 television by C SEED, which features a gigantic screen, a sleek foldable design and pristine video quality. A celebration of sound and vision, Maunakea combines the best of home entertainment technology.

L-Acoustics Island Prestige Core
L-Acoustics Island Prestige Core

In the heart of the Maunakea, Prestige of the islands is designed to be the ultimate personal auditorium experience, bringing concert-quality audio technology and visionary interior design to your home. Handcrafted in L-Acoustics workshops in France, Prestige of the islands delivers up to 24,000 watts and is equipped with eighteen professional audio speakers and two powerful subwoofers in circles to completely surround the listener with high-resolution sound that mimics human auditory perception.

Optional overhead speakers can be added to create a full sound dome, enhanced immersive experience. Prestige of the islands Integrates with media streamers to play audio of any format, be it Dolby Atmos, Blu-ray, gaming platforms, or high-resolution streaming services.

L-Acoustics by C-Seed Maunakea
Folding TV C-SEED

By redefining the home entertainment experience, Prestige of the islands met his match in the M1 television, the essential support component in Maunakea. M1 is not only the the world’s first fold-out TV; it works while pushing the boundaries of luxury AV technology.

Designer Stefan Pani has created a sleek, modern frame that artfully animates into a sculpture-like column that silently rises from the floor and unfolds into a seamless 165-inch five-panel display.

“Separately, Island Prestige and M1 each represent superb and inimitable technological achievements”, comments C SEED Founder and Managing Partner Alexander Swatek. “But together? Maunakea is the latest evolution and the true zenith of home entertainment, rivaling the experience of the best screening rooms in the film industry.

Maunakea color options
Maunakea color options

Something of this custom clearly doesn’t come in a basic trim and if you’re looking for something that matches your decor, this system has very few limitations in that regard.

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A perfect marriage of modern design and technology, Maunakea shines in luxury residences and super yachts. The system is a topic of conversation that will delight everyone and provide countless hours of unforgettable entertainment. Naturally, each design can be customized to the owner’s preference with a variety of wood, fabric and metallic finishes available.

L-Acoustics Island Options
L-Acoustics Island Options

All Maunakea is a tailor-made flagship element of a home cinema and a versatile multimedia space.

“Maunakea, explains Laurent Vaissié, CEO of L-Acoustics, takes its name from a volcano in Hawaii, tallest peak in the world measured from the base of the seabed to the top, even higher than Mt. Everest. In the same vein, our latest product collaboration with C SEED brings new heights of modern elegance in luxury home entertainment systems. And just like most of Maunakea, the volcano, resides below the ocean’s surface, the technology offered by L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED remains cleverly hidden but spectacular.

For more information on the new Maunakea, visit www.l-acoustics-creations.com.


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