Booking requests for the 2022 World Cup, requests are increasing


As anticipation builds for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, tour organizers have received an overwhelming number of booking requests from fans and tourists.

Bridging East and West and easily accessible from some of the world’s biggest cities, Qatar is anticipating a large influx of visitors for the World Cup. With less than 280 days to go until the highly anticipated tournament, which will take place from November 21 to December 18 at eight magnificent stadiums across Qatar, ticket inquiries have also reached a significant number with 17 million requests in the first sales period.

Tour operators offer services such as private yacht cruise, dhow cruise, desert safari, kayaking in the mangroves of Purple Island, museum tours and many more.

“We are already receiving a large number of requests for World Cup bookings,”’s Abdulrahman Sajid told The Peninsula.

“Many people from Asia, Europe, the United States, South Africa and other parts of Africa and South America have inquired and are eager to make reservations. Of course, we anticipated that we would have a huge influx of people for the World Cup, and the offers from Qatar make it more attractive,” added Sajid.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact global travel, Sajid noted that most fans are hesitant to confirm bookings due to uncertain quarantine policies, especially those returning to their countries. after the World Cup. He said a clear quarantine plan would boost traveler confidence and streamline bookings.

To accommodate the estimated 1.5 million visitors expected for the duration of the World Cup, organizers and the government have put in place several creative accommodation options.

Besides hotels and apartment rentals, authorities have chartered cruise ships from MSC Cruises, which will provide 3,898 cabins during the event. Desert camping will also be an option for fans.

Meanwhile, Sajid also pointed out that now is the best time for investors to use the World Cup year to invest in the tourism and hospitality sector as most companies are exploring ways to increase their inventory.

“For me, I think this is the best time for public and private investment, especially in nautical activities. For us, we are trying to secure more inventory before the tournament starts. For example, if a company has two boats, they will seek to make 10. This would greatly increase the services we offer,” he added.

With the incredible atmosphere of centrally located stadiums, beautiful hotels and enjoy the authentic culture of Qatar. All stadiums are located within 55 km of Doha, allowing fans to travel from game to game.


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