Awesome alternative activities in Cape Town to get your body moving


If you’ve caught yourself saying ‘we’re on the move’ a lot lately, maybe it’s time to walk the talk and explore how you can literally get around Cape Town. Our city is buzzing with movement, from roller skaters gliding and dancing with kaleidoscopic grace to skateboarders cruising like a yacht on their cobbled waters.

Here are some great alternative activities to get you moving in the Mother City:

1. Roller skate

If you’ve ever been amazed after watching the professional roller skaters light up the sidewalk with their graceful glides, you might want to try the 8-wheel thrill for yourself.

Where to try: Rollercade Cape Town | Battery Park near Alfred or Dock Road Waterfront

Step back into the disco era at Rollercade’s skating amusement park and keep rolling to the beat of their DJ picks. If it sounds like a party, make one and reserve a place for you and your loved ones for any type of reception.

Convince a friend to join you postman: Disco glitz takes you back in time.

Cost: 150 for a two hour session and skate rental. Information about VIP and group packages can be found on their website.


2. Electric bikes and scooters

Move over traditional riders and scooter demons – electronic movers and shakers are coming. Electric transport is all the excitement of momentum, minus the fitness you would need to do it without needing multiple water breaks.

Where to try: Cape Electrek | Pointe de la mer or Pointe Moullie

While there may be plenty of e-transport tours available around the mother city, sometimes getting around at your own pace is a much more engrossing experience. Cape Town Electrek is a wonderful choice, especially if you are looking to explore the Atlantic coast.

Convince a friend to join you postman: You can chat and ride a bike or scooter as you won’t be out of breath and take in epic views on your journey.

Cost: Electric bikes are R250 for 1 hour or 350 for 2 hours while E-scooters: R 2000 for 1 hour or R300 for 2 hours


3. Ice skating

If the recent heat waves have made you want to slip into a freezer, here’s your chance. Move in the coolest way as you slide, fall and wonder how Olympic figure skaters do it.

Where to try: GrandWest Ice Station | 1 Jakes Gerwell walk
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Open since 1971, The Ice Station is the go-to place for all things ice skating. With an Olympic-size ice surface housed in a world-class facility, the Ice Station offers lessons, functions and sessions for all types of experience and even has a mini ice rink for the little snowflakes. .

Convince a friend to join you postman: It’s hot outside !

Cost: R65 with skate rental | R30 for children not taller than 1.3 meters. (Prices vary by event).


4. Go skateboarding

If Promenade Mondays (where every type of skateboarder cruises through Sea Point) has you saying “I gotta learn to skateboard” every week, that’s your sign to try one of the most intrepid ways to get moving. Pro tip: “eating the sidewalk” is part of the experience.

Where to try: The Shred skate park

If you want to learn to skateboard with a pro, the Shred Skatepark is an amazing place to get into the groove, offering one-on-one lessons.

Convince a friend to join you postman: There’s a lovely cafe on the lookout for your pal to watch you fall (and blossom) over a delicate cup of tea.

Cost: 1 person: R320 per hour lesson | 2 people: 580 rand for 1 hour lesson | 3 people: 780 rands for 1 hour lesson


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