Asda and Sainsbury’s raise price for many delivery slots in online grocery overhaul


Asda’s customers will see prices rise on most of its standard delivery slots, and vulnerable buyers will have to start paying for deliveries, while Sainsbury’s has completely revamped its pricing structure – the price of its delivery slot. The cheapest hour has quadrupled and is now £ 2, although some slots will also become cheaper. The announcements come after Tesco has cut its cheapest delivery slots earlier this year.

We’ve got full info on what’s going on and how to get the cheapest shipping prices below – for a lot more help on how to lower the cost of your weekly store, check out our Supermarket buying tips.

How is Asda changing online delivery prices?

Asda has increased its shipping costs in two main ways:

  • Most delivery slots will cost more. The cost of individual slot machines always depends on the day, time and store, but most slots are getting more and more expensive:

    Old price: Until Thursday 12 November, slots cost between £ 1 and £ 6.
    New price: As of Thursday 12 November, slots cost £ 1 to £ 7, although that might not give the full picture. Asda didn’t give all the details, but did indicate that the cost of most slots has gone up across the board. The key is to check when ordering to get an idea of ​​what’s going on in your usual niche (if you have one).

  • Vulnerable buyers now have to pay for delivery, and Asda has a standard surcharge on small orders. Earlier in the coronavirus crisis, those considered vulnerable received priority deliveries until March 31, 2021.

    Until Sunday, November 1, these buyers were entitled to free deliveries without a minimum order threshold. However, they now have to pay Asda’s standard delivery charges, while Asda’s £ 3 minimum delivery surcharge – which you have to pay if your order is under £ 40 – now also applies to vulnerable buyers. .

Asda won’t tell us how many customers will pay more for delivery as a result, but millions use its online delivery service, and 190,000 vulnerable or self-isolating shoppers have received free delivery so far this year.

The supermarket also said it is reducing its recurring delivery slots between December 19, 2020 and January 2, 2021. These are usually reserved for regular shoppers who book same time and day delivery every week, but these customers will now have to fight to secure delivery. slots during the busy holiday season.

Here are some of the comments we’ve seen from Asda buyers on social media:


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