Apple may revamp its services to focus on streaming and ads


Apple will restructure its services to get more into streaming and advertising, a report by Seeking Alpha announced on Tuesday (May 10).

The company moves certain executives within this framework. For example, Todd Teresi will now be in charge of advertising. This responsibility was held by Peter Stern, who was in charge of several services including video, news, books, iCloud, Fitness+ and Apple One.

Teresi has worked with Apple’s advertising business for over 10 years.

Apple also recently reduced the trade-in value of certain hardware products such as its Mac computers, some iPads and Apple Watches.

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According to a PYMNTS report, Apple is also considering a grocery ordering service that will focus on nutrition.

The report says the delivery service may have an element of nutrition tracking that is not found in other services. It might also be able to integrate with the Health app, adding nutrition data directly.

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PYMNTS wrote that Apple will likely add updates for Apple Fitness+ and Apple Pay as well.

The report says that Apple may add more Apple Fitness+ workout types, although there isn’t much information available on this.

In another recent report, Apple joins Google and Microsoft in adding support for passwordless logins.

This will come with a standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

FIDO Alliance Director Andrew Shikiar said the company was working on “simpler and stronger authentication”.

“Pervasiveness and usability are key to seeing multi-factor authentication widely adopted,” he said. “This new capability should usher in a new wave of low-friction FIDO implementations alongside the continued and growing use of security keys, giving service providers a full range of options to deploy modern, phishing-resistant authentication. “

The report says one problem is that it’s hard for people to keep track of multiple passwords, and reusing the same password is a big security risk that can lead to stolen identities and other hacks. But password managers are working on a more “secure and convenient” way to do it.



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