‘Anonymous’ claims to have hacked Russian streaming services to broadcast Ukraine war footage


Anonymous added that all Russian state television channels and Russia’s France Today (RT) channel on the Russian Express satellite had been hacked. (Representative photo: Canva)

Anonymous’s project is part of the hacktivist group’s recent “cyberwar” that it declared against Russia after that country invaded Ukraine.

In their latest attack, “anonymous” hackers claimed to have hacked into Russian streaming services and TV news channels. They then released footage from Ukraine amid the country’s war with Russia, according to reports. Taking one of their multiple Twitter handles, Anonymous tweeted on March 7: “JUST IN: Hacking collective #Anonymous today hacked Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi (like Netflix) and TV channels in live Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24 to broadcast war images from #Ukraine.

According to a report by The Independent, Anonymous had earlier claimed on Monday that it had carried out “the biggest anonymous operation ever” in which Russia 24, Channel One and Moscow 24, including streaming sites, were all hacked to spread images. of war from Ukraine.

Anonymous’ project is part of the hacktivist group’s recent “cyber war” that it declared against Russia after the country invaded Ukraine. It included several such actions carried out by hackers, including hacking into the Russian space agency (a claim denied by Roscosmos), renaming Russian President Vladimir Putin’s yacht, and slowing down or removing some Russian state TV channels. for a certain time.

Anonymous declared a cyber war against Russia in support of Ukraine on February 25. According to a report by Business Insider, hacktivists have taken down or slowed down Russian government websites, including those of the Kremlin, the Duma and the Ministry of Defense, as well as RT.com which is the website of a network of state-controlled television. Most websites would have recovered by now. ‘Anonymous’ announced its initiative on Twitter, writing: “Put yourself in the shoes of the bombed Ukrainians right now. Together we can change the world, we can stand against anything. It’s time for the Russian people to unite and say “NO” to Vladimir Putin’s war. We are Anonymous. We are Legion (sic) Wait for us,” among their tweets.

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