America’s Cup: Members of the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron withdraw their request for a special meeting after the “threats” from the NZ team


Farmer told RNZYS commodore Aaron Young that Dalton’s intervention meant the meeting was “unlikely to be a constructive, transparent and rational debate on the critical issue of AC venue.”

“The objection to the Cup defense at sea by all claimants remains unchanged and Grant Dalton’s claim that the Cup defense in Auckland is not viable remains in dispute,” Farmer told Young.

“My position also remains that the way forward, for the benefit of all those who sincerely want the defense to take place in Auckland, is for direct discussions to take place to make this happen, if necessary, with the help of ‘a mediator, or facilitator, between squadron representatives, Team NZ and those providing funding. ”

The NZ team is due to announce the location of its next defense in March 2022, with Cork in Ireland, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Valencia in Spain leading the candidates.

Last month, Young warned the petitioners that their action could have dire consequences for any future Cup defense.

“We have always said that RNZYS prefers AC37 to be held in New Zealand, but it has to be viable for that to happen,” he said. “What we and the team have agreed to is the time to do everything we can to make this happen.

“It is also very important to us that ETNZ remains viable, that we keep the team together and that we honor our commitments and our commitments with our benchmark challenger, RYS and INEOS Britannia.

“Currently we do not have a viable site proposal in New Zealand and therefore ETNZ is in talks with other potential sites. It would be an unprecedented feat to win the America’s Cup three times. sequel and standing up for defense abroad – although not our preferred choice – may well offer us the best chance to do so. “


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