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The Troca One will be docked in New England marinas throughout the summer.

Photo provided by Troca Hotels

Have you ever dreamed of living on an ultra-luxury yacht? Well, your Jordan Belfort style dream can come true thanks to the short-lived luxury yacht Troca One, which opened in June in Boston. The Troca One is an Italian-made 108-foot Viking Sports Cruiser that will be entering and exiting Charlestown Marina in Boston Harbor throughout the summer.

The yacht has appeared in other New England boating hotspots and will continue to do so in places like Nantucket and the Maine coast. Guests can stay up to date on the whereabouts of Troca One by following Troca Hotel’s social media and mailing lists.

Since this is a pop-up experience, the Troca One will not cruise New England with passengers in tow. Instead, guests will be able to lounge on the boat while it’s docked during their stay. This concept, although simple, is quite original for the yacht industry.

“A lot of our customers ask for this kind of experience. Sometimes they say, “I need a private jet,” sometimes they say “I need a yacht,” says James Foster, senior vice president of Troca Hotels. “Instead of just referring people to the yachts, we could provide them with our own yacht which is part of the Troca experience.”

Rates start at $ 849 plus tax for a night in the VIP cabin, which is equipped with a king-size bed, flat-screen TV, walk-in closet, and wine cooler. For an additional $ 100, guests can stay in the master cabin, which has the added benefit of a hot tub. The hotel offers its guests champagne on arrival and a continental breakfast in the morning. Upon request, Troca staff will book a three-course meal with NoLo Bistro & Bar Executive Chef, Mark Filteau, for $ 180 per person.

Photo provided by Troca Hotels

For the real big players, the entire yacht can be chartered for up to eight people for $ 4,000, with a sunset cruise around the harbor for around $ 9,000.

While the yacht Troca One is Troca Hotel’s latest venture, the company also operates two other boutique hotels, the Daniel in Brunswick, Maine and the Stonehedge Hotel & Spa in Tyngsboro. Foster describes the Troca One as an extension of the Troca Hotels brand.

“This is our reason for being. It’s democratizing luxury, ”says Foster. “It gives people the opportunity to have a luxury experience that generally has a very high entry bar. People can peek behind the curtain of the super yacht experience.

The Troca One will stay in New England until October, when it sets sail for sunny Miami during our colder months, so book a room while you can.

Troca One, 978-649-4400, trocayachts.com.

Photo provided by Troca Hotels



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